Elefants Blancs

“The only honest mayor in Spain... You are such a jerk!”

This is what Francisco Hernando “el Pocero” (the well-digger) told to Seseña’s mayor in 2009, before giving up on the construction of a residential area next to Seseña (Toledo).

All along the country, public infrastructures have constantly repeated millionare budgets, exorbitant costs and minimum profiability. While promoted as a big step forward, the result is a serious dead weight for the community to defray.

At the same time, Spain’s real state issue has been growing exponientally over time last years. Nowadays, it’s estimated that there are more than 3 million empty housings around the country, while about 200 evictions have been executed everyday this year.

“White elephants” is an attempt on composing a portrayal of this situation combining two different views; following the remains that left behind our own housing bubble, wich dazzled our society during decades.

Color: Ignasi Piñol

B/W: Manu Ocaña